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Look at any towering city skyline and you will witness the craftsmanship of brave and skilled Ironworkers. Ironworkers are responsible for erecting (sometimes-dismantling) complex steel skeletons – the hallmark of every major building project. Reinforcing Ironworkers ensure public safety by setting the iron bars, known as rebar that reinforce the foundation for skyscrapers and bridges. Ironworkers, also known as “Rodbusters” bend and tie together rebar to reinforce steel structures. The rebar or mesh is then secured in concrete forms to prevent movement and strengthen foundations.

Reinforcing Ironworkers work at great heights, therefore maintaining safety precautions is central to the trade. Local 416 members have to be the best-trained and most productive craftsmen available at any time that means no unskilled hands. Our Local spends more than $2,000 annually on each apprentice to properly train him or her on prescribed trade skills and knowledge. In due course, each apprentice receives more than 700 classroom hours in four years to become a certified Journeyman Ironworker. Local 416 members put education and safety first every time, ensuring our partners save on workers compensation costs, downtime costs, and absenteeism costs.

Reinforcing Ironworkers Local 416 is a proactive business partner dedicated to meeting the operational and economic needs of our partners, while satisfying project schedules, maintaining project budgets and eliminating project rework.

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